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L-Coin Drop System
The loss of L-Coins is activated using a timer, which is reset daily at 06:30. Depending on the level of your character, there is a limit on the number of coins received. When it is reached, the accrual of L-Coins remains, but with a minimum reward.
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Stages of server development
We have prepared a step-by-step concept for the development of the server since its opening. The update will happen every week! Players have the opportunity to influence the introduction of stages.
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Reworked game mechanics
We have done a lot of work and made changes to various reward and reward systems for players. Redesigned various daily rewards and quests that can help our players feel supported in the development of their character.
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No donation
Only the following items will be available for purchase in Our store: Premium Account, Boxes of L-Coins, Starter Kits. We won't have loot boxes with unique items: Epics, Dolls, Weapons, Armor. All items can be obtained through the game.
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Season I
More information about the server
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